How to download kugou for iphone

How to download kugou for iphone. 4/11/ · For iPhone, there are two ways to download Kugou Music App for iPhone. If your iPhone is non jailbroken, download from iTunes store. If your iPhone is jailbroken, download Kugou Music App for jailbroken iPhone, maybe you should ahead to Settings – General -Denvice Management to trust the service when the App is not running as normal. For iPad, download the App from iTunes store, but it is . 3/31/ · Method 1: Use Safari to search for the app name in question and open the link through the App Store, then tap “Download” Method 2: Open App Store, tap “Search”, then rather than searching for the app name use search to find the company name of the app producer that is almost always written in english, then download from there. Kugou Music, named 酷狗音乐 in China, developed by Tencent Music. And in this article, we are going to introduce how to download Kugou Music APK, find popular Chinese songs~ To try Kugou on your iPhone(iOS device)? Follow Download Kugou Music app to get it. How to download Kugou . 3/18/ · Just tap on the download button, and get the app installed on your phone. Start downloading thousands of music files, and start listening to your favorite music and hits. Once you have Kugou Music app installed on your device, nothing left. Music recommendation, music search, old songs, old albums, worldwide music and all stuff one platform/5(2). To download Kugou app on your iOS smartphone: Download a VPN and connect to a Chinese server. Then, download first bitmoneylab.de file from this link to get KuGou app on your iOS. Once you are connected to a chinese IP with a VPN, you can easily download or unblock Kugou music on your windows phone. As Kugou app supports multiple versions of this operating system, you can easily download and stream it on your computer or just go to Kugou website to listen to kugou music. Download a VPN and connect to a Chinese server.

how to download kugou for iphone


How to download kugou for iphone

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